Resource Links for October 2008 JEMS Article

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Here are a few of the sites around the web that we suggest for the readers of the October 2008 JEMS Article - 'The Ride of Your Life'.

The EMS Safety Foundation
A Not-for-Profit to support new and innovative research to enhance the safety of Emergency Medical Services for providers, their patients and the public - and facilitate important educational outreach and enhance safety information dissemination.

The Global EMS Forum
A virtual platform for sharing Global EMS operational information
Open access to real time and recorded information and knowledge sharing of Global EMS operational issues.

The American Society of Safety Engineers,
Lead organization of safety engineers in the USA, and the site from which the ANSI/ASSE Z15 fleet management standard can be obtained.

Transportation Research Board, National Academies
A comprehensive online resource for transportation safety. And the home of the TRB EMS Transportation Safety Subcommittee

Ambulance Visibility Site
A comprehensive compilation of information relating to ambulance and emergency vehicle visibility and conspicuity safety issues.

Mercedes Sprinter Information
A comprehensive compilation of information relating to the Sprinter ambulances, from the site

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
A link to the comprehensive transportation safety data, resources and oversight of commercial vehicle transport, operations and safety. Ambulances are currently exempt from this infrastructure.

U.S. General Services Administration.
The current version of the KKK ambulance specification can be obtained here

The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS)
NETS is the only organization dedicated exclusively to traffic safety in the workplace. Government and industry leaders created the organization in 1989 to address both the human and economic impact of traffic crashes on the nation's workforce.