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Objective Safety

Nadine Levick, MD MPH, Chair and Chief Executive Officer of Objective Safety, has been providing safety and hazard awareness data in the field of Injury Prevention and Control in the USA, Australia and Europe since 1996. Objective Safety has unique expertise on safety and hazard awareness in the Emergency Medical Services Transport Environment in addition to safety and injury prevention and control in the pediatric setting.

Nadine Levick MD, MPH, is the recipient of the prestigious International Society for Automotive Engineers WEC/Breed Womens leadership award in 2003 for her contribution to EMS transport safety research and practice. Dr. Levick who holds a Masters in Public Health from Johns Hopkins in Health Policy and Management focussed in Injury Prevention and Control, and an Australian trained board certified Emergency Medicine physician has conducted key research internationally in the field of safety of EMS transport, in additon to other cross disciplinary research in the field of safety and injury control. Dr. Levick has published the lead engineering papers globally on EMS vehicle safety, and has a leadership role in EMS Safety globally, contributing to the development of the field of EMS Safety, coordinating the first international vehicle safety symposium and contributing to the field in the USA, Australia, Europe and the UK.

New Innovations
Objective Safety brings to you the State of the Art in safety information, bringing to you the most recently developed innovations and analysis.

Quality Control
Only the best and most reliable and objective information and safety data is supported by the Objective Safety. Nadine Levick MD, MPH has been a awarded a number of research awards nationally and internationally for the exemplar quality and innovation of her research

Spectrum of Opportunities
Nadine Levick MD, MPH is a sought after speaker, advisor and mentor, across a spectrum of environments, from EMS practice and safety and general injury prevention to emergency care research .

Future Goals
To continue to advance the scope of new knowledge and understanding in safety awareness and injury prevention and control. And to enhance the development of the translation of cross disciplinary and objective safety data, into practical and meaningful guidelines and policy .

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