August 2012 EMS Objective Safety Bulletin

There has been much interest in a focus on the issues of ambulance design standards, particularly in recent months

This August 16th Web Bulletin includes the public access handout from the recent August 14th EMS Safety Foundation's NFPA1917 and Standards Webinar
- here is an outline of its contents.

Outline of info covered in that EMS Safety Foundation, August 14th Standards Webinar:
- Ambulance design history
- TRB ANB10(5) Technical EMS Safety
- NIST Meeting
- NFPA 1917 Update
- NFPA perspectives
- Forthcoming EMS Safety Workshops

A secure link for the August 14th Webinar recording for the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium participants is below.

Here is a secure link to the previous complete August 7th EMS Safety Foundation Web Bulletin, Complete August 7th EMS Safety Foundation Web Bulletin

Here also is the secure access link to the recording of the August 14th NFPA 1917 and Standards Update Webinar
EMS Safety Foundation Special August 14th, 2012 NFPA 1917 and Standards Update Webinar

If you would like to access these secure links, do let me know ASAP, so I can address your login/membership needs.

Do encourage folks join in the hands only CPR event on August 25th in Stamford CT, to train a record number of people in hands only CPR, and to find and add those AEDs to the iRescU database!

The work of the Foundation is now reaching widely across the globe. Germany in May, Colombia in June (, and then coming up in Penang for Asia's first major EMS Congress in September ( . Penang should be an impressive event with much new information.
Do get ready for a special EMS Safety Foundation Workshop at EMS Expo in New Orleans also on Friday November 2!

And the New Jersey EMS Annual Conference November 1-4, I shall be speaking there on the Saturday.

Best regards,

Nadine Levick MD, MPH