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  • "..Your lecture in Pittsburgh has changed the way that we do business both operationally and in regards to policies"..
    Eric Henry, General Manager, Meadville Area Ambulance Service

  • "..have seen your lecture previously at the AAP conference and have made safety a priority for our program"..
    Lisa Joestlein, Education Coordinator, Transport Services and Communication Center Akron Children's Hospital

  • "Had it not been for you, we would probably not be able to email you today. Your lecture saved us"..
    John Scittacatt

  • "...I truly enjoyed your presentation and learned a great deal"..
    Sue Anderson, RN, BSN, Trauma Nurse Coordinator, St. Mary Corwin Medical Center, Colorado

  • "... a MUST see for anyone who rides in the rear of an ambulance..."
    Anthony Cascio, Education Committee Vice Chair, New Jersey Association of Paramedic Programs

  • "... I commend you on your efforts to save our lives and wish to express my deep gratitude for pushing EMT safety to the forefront of our industry. ."
    Chris Benson, President Oregon Fire Medical Administrators Association

  • " .. I attended the NAEMSP 2006 conference in Tucson and one of the highlights was your presentation on EMS safety. When I came back to my service, I appealed to the management to consider the security issues you raised."
    Eli Segal, MD, Director of Research, Urgences-sante, Montreal, Quebec

  • " .. you certainly opened my eyes to a lot of potential dangers and hazards that involve all of us that work in EMS. I can assure you that you have made a big difference in how we will do business in the future. "
    Chief Gerald F. Carless, Fellows Club Ambulance Service, PA