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Resources for October 2008 JEMS Article -'Rig Safety - 911'
Links to the resources for the 'Ride of Your Life - what you need to know about ambulance safety and standards'

The EMS Safety Foundation
A Not-for-Profit to support new and innovative research to enhance the safety of Emergency Medical Services for providers, their patients and the public - and facilitate important educational outreach and enhance safety information dissemination.

The Global EMS Forum
A virtual platform for sharing Global EMS operational information
Open access to real time and recorded information and knowledge sharing of Global EMS operational issues.

NTSB - The 1979 NTSB Ground Ambulance Crash Report
The only National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) investigation and report performed of a ground ambulance crash was in 1979. This link is to an NTSB online resource for accessing reports and recommendations from the National Transportation Safety Board and their communications - to view the documents from the 1979 NTSB Ambulance crash investigation report and recommendations.
NTSB - Ground EMS Safety Recommendation Doc:H79_27_28
NTSB - Ground EMS Safety Recommendation Doc: H79_29
NTSB - Ground EMS Safety Recommendation Doc: H79_30

NTSB - Air EMS report introduction
- Aviation Special Investigation Report - Emergency Medical Services, 01/25/2006
Special Investigation Report SIR-06-01,
Emergency Medical Services Operation, Aviation

NTSB - Statutory Authority
NTSB Charter - Code of Federal Regulations, Title 49, Chap II, Subchap III, 1131. General authority , (a) (1) (F) (ii)
Also see Title 49, 49CFR831.2, Page 186-187, Title 49, Chap VIII, Part 831, Sec. 831.2 Responsibility of Board, Part C:

The NHTSA EMS web site
A government web site from the National Highway Safety Administration addressing EMS issues.

The National Academies for Science, Medicine and Engineering web site
A comprehenisive web site addressing the scope of the work done by the National Academies based in Washington DC. This organization also is the umbrella for the Transportation Research Board (TRB) - which has the EMS TRansport Safety Subcommittee, which addresses EMS and medical transportation safety issues.
Transportation Research Board, TRB
, The TRB, of the National Academies of Science is a general transportation safety and research resource. A comprehensive online resource for Synthesis Reports for commercial and heavy vehicle transport professionals

The Commission on the Accreditation of Medical Transport Systems
A lead organization with a focus on enhancing the Safety of EMS personnel.

Ambulance Visibility Site
A comprehensive compilation of information relating to ambulance and emergency vehicle visibility and conspicuity safety issues.

Mercedes Sprinter Information
A comprehensive compilation of information relating to the Sprinter ambulances, from the site

Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration
A link to the comprehensive transportation safety data, resources and oversight of commercial vehicle transport, operations and safety. Ambulances are currently exempt from this infrastructure.

The Centers for Disease and Injury Prevention and Control (CDC) web site
A government web site from the CDC with access to the WISQARS database.
Link for WISQARS injury and fatality database

Insurance Institute for Highway Safety web site
A comprehensive web site from the Insurance Institue for Highway Safety with many resources on vehicles safety and safety performance.
Link for vehicle injury and loss charts

NHTSA ITS/Operations Resource Guide 2006
A comprehensive report covering current Intelligent Transportation Systems/Operations Resources.

The American Society of Safety Engineers,
Lead organization of safety engineers in the USA, and the site from which the ANSI/ASSE Z15 fleet management standard can be obtained.
Direct link to obtain ANSI/ASSE Z15 Standard from ASSE

The Network of Employers for Traffic Safety (NETS)
is the only organization dedicated exclusively to traffic safety in the workplace. Government and industry leaders created the organization in 1989 to address both the human and economic impact of traffic crashes on the nation's workforce.

Drive Safely Work Week Oct 2-5 2007

Because One Injury is Too Many, Ontario Paramedic Health and Safety Committee (PEMS HSAC)

Ontario Paramedic Health and Safety Committee Petition

EMS Network Ambulance Crash Log
An ongoing voluntary log of EMS Crashes.

EMS Close
A site operated by, with a log of EMS Crashes and info.
FireFighter Life Safety Initiatives - Recognizing the need to do more to prevent line-of-duty deaths and injuries, the National Fallen Firefighters Foundation has developed a national program to bring prevention efforts to the forefront.

Cochrane Prehospital and Emergency Health Field
Comprehensive web resource for Prehospital Care research.

The NSW Ambulance Service Website, Fleet profile
NSW Ambulance is one of the largest regional EMS services internationally, and has a key focus on fleet safety.

Journal of Emergency Medical Services (JEMS)
The lead EMS journal and e-portal resource with many articles on EMS Safety.

, An online Emergency Medical Services resource A comprehensive online resource for emergency medical services professionals

'Safe: Design takes on Risk'
,Safety by Design Exhibition, Museum of Modern Art A unique exhibition on the design of safety, was featured at MoMAon in January 2006.

Pittsburgh CIRCL
- Research Center Recorded Webinars An excellent series of recorded presentations on key issues in injury.

Healthcare Ergonomics & Patient Safety Research Unit
A UK research unit conducting excellent UK ambulance ergonomics research
Dept of Human Sciences, Loughborough University, Loughborough, UK

Tim Hayes Website
A web site from a remarkable now retired Paramedic, Tim Hayes - Changing hearts around the world - "Are you ready?"

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA),
An online resource with general traffic safety information

Regional Emergency Medical Services Council of New York(REMSCO),
An online resource with valuable information for EMS professional in New York

USFA & NVFC Emergency Vehicle Safe Operations for Volunteer and Small Combination Emergency Service Organizations
An innovative web based emergency vehicle safety educational program to support the volunteer fire service in partnership with the NVFC, United States Fire Administration and National Volunteer Fire Council (NVFC). Emergency Vehicle Safe Operations for Volunteer and Small Combination Emergency Service Organizations

Traffic Incident Management Systems (TIMS), April 2008
The U.S. Fire Administration (USFA) and the U.S. Department of Transportation's (DOT) Federal Highway Administration, working in partnership with the International Fire Service Training Association (IFSTA) and FEMA, have developed a report that provides technical guidance and training programs in traffic incident management for fire and emergency service providers. The report, Traffic Incident Management Systems (PDF, 10.5 Mb), contains guidance for local-level fire departments on compliance with the DOT's Manual of Uniform Traffic Control Devices and the National Fire Service Incident Management System (IMS) Consortium's Model Procedures Guide for Highway Incidents. - a compressed .pdf file - 5.6Mb is downloadable from Resources/Documents tab

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