2009 Ambulance Transport Safety Summit
Transportation Research Board (TRB)

The Ambulance Transport Safety Summit was held on Thursday October 29th, on site at the National Academies, Keck Center in Washington DC - and via live interactive Webinar link and a satellite at EMS Expo from the Cygnus Media Booth #507, in Atlanta.
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'Bridging the gap between what we do and what is known- Enhancing ambulance transport safety through shared knowledge of technical data'. The full day Summit brought together a spectrum of diverse expertise and representation - Government agencies including the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), Department of Transportation ITS, National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB), Federal Highways Administration (FHWA), Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS), Department of Homeland Security (DHS); EMS State Directors, EMS Services, private and municipal from across North America, Fire/EMS, Volunteer EMS, EMS Physicians, Industry partners, for EMS Equipment and vehicles, both OEM and aftermarket, academics and Technical experts from fields such as automotive safety engineering, occupant protection, and ergonomics and human factors. A comprehensive over view of the range of EMS transport safety issues were addressed. The themes were: Burden and Benefit (Safety Data, Economics and Ethics/Resource Allocation), Transport System management (Fleet Safety and Operations Management), Vehicle Safety Assessment and Design, Information Sharing and Policy (Knowledge Transfer Platforms and Challenges, Standards, Specifications and Policy) , Research Priorities and Summit Synopsis.

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A TRB e-circular and a series of white papers will be produced to chronicle the Summit content and activities


*Synopsis of the Key Lessons from the Pe-Conference Workshop and 2009 TRB Ambulance Transport Safety Summit*

"Key Lessons from the Workshop and the Summit" - the EMS Safety Foundation November 2009 Synopsis Webinar recording - Click the image below to access the recording link.


This recorded Synopsis Webinar is gratis and public access, and runs for 45 mins.
And Click here for the handout for the EMS Safety Foundation 2009 November Synopsis Webinar



Introduction and Opening Address
Introduction - Rick Pain PhD, Nadine Levick MD, MPH
Opening address: Mr. Glenn Luedtke - - link to Mr. Luedtke's Opening Address .pdf (Introduced by Mr. Jeff Lindsey)

Session 1: Burden/Benefit -
Safety Data
- Intro to Data Systems and Related Resources: Nadine Levick MD, MPH - Data Intro .pdf
- National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA): Dave Bryson/Dave Bean - NHTSA .pdf
- National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB): presented by Eileen Fraser, CAMTS - NTSB .pdf
- Bureau of Labor and Statistics (BLS): Janice Windau - BLS .pdf
- Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) & Federal Highway Administration (FHWA): Debbie Freund and Ralph Craft - FMCSA .pdf
- Crash Direct and Indirect Sequelea: Michele Kendus, Goodell, DeVries, Leech & Dann, LLP - Legal Sequelae .pdf
- Cost of Diverse Fleet Type and Cost of Driver Training: Ken Beers, Canadaigua - Costs .pdf
- Business case for Safety Systems: Jon Swanson, MEMS, AR - Business case .pdf
- Insurance Issues, Return on Investment: Nancy Bendickson, Aon, MN - Return on Investment .pdf
Ethics and Risk /Benefit
- Clinical Decision Priorities: Comilla Sasson MD - Clinical Decision .pdf
- Resource Allocation/Capabilities: Bill Hinkle - Resource Allocation .pdf

Session 2: Transport System Management
Fleet/Vehicle Safety
- Driver Training Monitoring and Feedback: Matt Crossman, New Brunswick, Canada - New Brunswick .pdf and Charlene Cobb, Sunstar, FL - Sunstar .pdf
- Fleet Management Technologies: Dan Garstang, Hess - Fleet Safety System .pdf
- Pressure to meet response time: Jon Swanson - System Pressure .pdf
Operations Management
- Dispatch: Sandy Beers, Canadaigua - Dispatch .pdf
- Emergency Response System Integration/Transport or Alternate: Jim Augustine MD, DC Fire/EMS - Integration .pdf
- EMS Transportation Planning/Congestion Routing: Linda Dodge DOT/RITA - Planning/Congestion .pdf
- Dynamic Deployment of Resources: Boo Heffner, Rural Metro - Deployment .pdf
- Web Based Mapping/Data Technologies: Tom Horan - Mapping .pdf
- Benchmarking/Performance Measurement: Ron Thackery JD, AMR - Benchmarking .pdf

Session 3: Vehicle Safety - Assessment and Design
- Real world of Understanding Vehicle Safety Principles and Technology: Joyce Rusincovitch
- Vehicle Types: Jim Love - Vehicle Types .pdf
- Types of Testing and Automotive Safety / Human interface: Gene Lukianov - Types of Testing .pdf
- Occupant Protection Design: Jeff Welch - Occupant Protection .pdf
- Ambulance Safety Testing: Nadine Levick MD, MPH - Ambulance Testing .pdf
- Ergonomics and Usability: Chris Fitzgerald, Risk and Injury Management Services - Ergonomics and Usability .pdf
- Innovation: Wayne Zygowicz, Littleton CO - Innovation .pdf

Session 4: Information Sharing and Policy
Knowledge Transfer/Dissemination
- Platforms:
    Government - Dia Gainor MPA, TSAG Chair & State EMS Director OH - Government Platforms .pdf
    Non Government - Nadine Levick MD, MPH - Non-Government Platforms .pdf
- Challenges: Kevin Roche - Dissemination Challenges .pdf
- Current, Developing and International Standards and Policy: Nadine Levick MD, MPH - Standards/Policy .pdf
    Department of Homeland Security, Mary Hanson, DHS - DHS .pdf
- An international perspective from Oslo, Norway: Ronald Rolfsen - Norway .pdf

Session 5: Synopsis and Research Priorities
Synopsis and Research Priorities: Prof Art Cooper MD - Summit Synopsis .pdf

Closing Address - Nadine Levick MD, MPH


Ambulance transport is a complex interface between emergency medical care, transportation, public safety and public health. The safety issues that are involved in this unique system bridge safety data capture, transport systems safety engineering, fleet management, occupant protection, automotive biomechanics, clinical decision priorities and management, occupational safety and health, economics, ethics and standard and policy development. This Summit brings these diverse fields of technical expertise together, in an independent forum, to assist EMS systems to have access to the optimal and most reliable and valid data upon which to base their management, purchase and operational decisions. This Summit is a follow on from the inaugural Ambulance Transport Summit held at the National Academies in DC on November 7th 2008. Click here for 2008 TRB Summit info and recording.


The EMS Transportation Safety Subcommittee of the National Academies Transportation Research Board (TRB) in conjunction with the National Ambulance Transportation Safety (ATS) Task Force held an inaugural Ambulance Transport Safety Summit in Washington DC, November 7th 2008. That inaugural Summit included an interdisciplinary panel of invited speakers, and a live Webinar broadcast and has been recorded electronically. There were approximately 45 onsite and 100 online attendees who participated.
Click here for 2008 TRB Summit info and recording.

The purpose of these Summits is to share interdisciplinary peer reviewed and published transportation safety and technical data. It has been identified that access to transportation safety and technical data is complex and the EMS community is in need of this information to improve operations and practice in providing quality patient care and safe transport today and into the future.

These Summits are recorded as a live Webinar and the recordings are available here for off line public access. In addition, the National Academies 'e-circular' will also chronicle the Summits content in detail.

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The next Subcommittee meeting of the National Academies Transportation Research Board, EMS Transportation Subcommittee will be in January 2010, in Washington DC, during the TRB Congress.

Sample Presentation from 2008 TRB Summit

Presentation on EMS Motorcycle Fleets - by Paul Riley, Road Safety Manager, exMotorCycle Medic

Click here for Paul Riley's Presentation (12 mins).