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Congratulations to the iRescU Project - A Winner in the AHA Innovation Challenge - THANK YOU for All your support for this project that is working to help to save lives with crowdsourcing, new tech and gamification!

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Welcome to the INDEMO Project !


*Schedule your own INDEMO Virtual Tour*

The INDEMO Project of the EMS Safety Foundation has officially launched its new virtual tour program
And Google Glass meets INDEMO 1.0 !!

image image
Many folks are very keen to get their hands on the INDEMO 1.0 interactive environment to assist in getting better, safer and cheaper ambulance vehicles specced out.

You can now get your services own personalized virtual tour
of INDEMO 1.0, or even have INDEMO 1.0 come to your site/region for a workshop, as well as 3D blueprints and videos.
Follow us at #INDEMO on twitter

TRB January 16 2014 ANB10(5) EMS Safety Subcommittee meeting and info

The EMS Safety Subcommittee of the TRB met in DC at the Annual TRB conference on Thursday January 16th 2014, at the Keck Center. We covered the new developments in ambulance transport safety and standards, and a number of new tech aspects of EMS Safety Innovation.
Here is the January 16 TRB ANB10(5) Subcommittee Agenda
The twitter hashtag for the EMS meeting is #TRBEMS14
Handouts to be posted shortly.

*EMS Safety Foundation INDEMO 1.0 Debuts at EMS World Expo 2013*

Many crowds of folks came to see, touch and interact with INDEMO 1.0,
the EMS Safety Foundation Ambulance Safety Innovation Design Module 1.0 @ EMS World Expo, in Las Vegas Sept 10-12, a great success, generating much interest and attention.
Now you can get that same opportunity via INDEMO @Medstartr
The Future that you can have RIGHT NOW!!

image image

The EMS Safety Foundation's new demonstration Project:
Ambulance Safety INDEMO 1.0

The Ambulance Safety Innovation Design Module 1.0, is a unique hands on model ambulance rear compartment that is configurable so you can get the feel of being in a cutting edge rig. Integrating innovations from around the world for the north American market.

This is the future that you can have right now.
Designs so that you can do your work with optimum safety and efficiency.
Based on state of the art science and practice and input from the world's leading experts in automotive safety and human factors.

The Future that you can have RIGHT NOW!!

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*EMS Safety Foundation Delegation @ Rettmobil 2013*


We have had a great team of folks participating in our Rettmobil 2013 Delegation May 14-17th - including as well as both EMS World and JEMs editors, Scott Cravens and AJ Heightman, international EMS colleagues from three continents - and our technical experts.
Standby for blogs, video feeds on and Our Rettmobil 2013 Wrap Up Webinar from Friday May 17th, covered many of the highights of Rettmobil Secure Login for the Rettmobil 2013 Wrap up Workshop Webinar Recording.

A Youtube recording of this Webinar is posted here - for public access.
Video runs for 60 minutes

Dworsky's "Siren effectiveness Study"

A video preview to Peter Dworsky's outstanding "Siren effectiveness Study" from Monoc


this video trailer is masterfully edited by Kyle Bates.
This video is public access information please share widely.
Standby for the full length video links

**2013 Announcement of the Annual EMS Safety Foundation Recognition Awards:**

The "Bill" Leonard Commitment to EMS Safety Award - Dr. Sarah Shaikh Abdul Karim, Malaysia
EMS Safety Foundation 2012 Leadership Award - Japanese Paramedic Association
EMS Safety Foundation 2012 Technical Expert Award - Stellah DeVille
EMS Safety Foundation 2012 Industry Partner Award - AJ Heightman and JEMS
Objective Safety 2012 Innovative EMS Safety Practice Award - Bill McClincy and Eric Henry - EMMCO & Meadville Ambulance, Eerie PA


*2013 TRB ANB10(5) January EMS Safety Subcommittee Meeting*
The 2013 TRB EMS Subcommittee Meeting was held on January 17th, 2013,
at the DC TRB Conference,
on site at the Keck Center and online globally.

Here is the January 2013 Subcommittee Meeting Agenda
and here are the handouts:
- ANB10(5) 2013 Subcommittee Meeting
- ANB10(5) 2013 Synopsis -2012 EMS Safety Systems Strategies & Solutions Summit
- ANB10(5) 2013 Subcommittee Standards and Guidelines Overview

and here are the audio recordings:
Audio - Fleet and Vehicle Standards issues and update review
Listen to the cutting edge from a panel of experts from across the USA
Standby for the other recordings

The EMS Safety Foundation
at EMS WORLD EXPO 2012, New Orleans


The EMS Safety Foundation was very well received at EMS EXPO 2012 in New Orleans
with much interest in our Booth in the Exhibit Hall, and our lightening demos of a spectrum safety features, systems and approaches during EMS EXPO 2012

Here is the handout for the EMS Safety Foundation World Expo 2012 presentation - -
Bang for buck: Ambulance Safety, Standards and Survival - What do you need to know!

Standby for the announcement of the EMS Safety Foundation EMS World Expo 2012 Safety Innovation Awards

The EMS Safety Foundation June 28th 2012 Webinar - on YouTube

Much was covered in the recent EMS Safety Foundation June Webinar, including an overview of TRB 2012 EMS Summit synopses, Rettmobil 2012, NFPA 1917, EMS Safety Culture Meeting, NIST, White House initiatives Update, and the forthcoming EMS Expo events, and EMS Asia.

Given the importance of all these events, documents and activities, this June 28 Webinar is now available on YouTube for public access, so please do share this widely with your colleagues - and listserves

*The EMS Safety Foundation Delegation to Rettmobil 2012May 8-11th*


Share this link to the public access recording of "Rettmobil Live 2012",
from the EMS Safety Foundation
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- image
Link for Live from Rettmobil 2012 Webinar Elluminate Recording from Thursday May 10th

Runs for 35 minutes

or to view the Live @ Rettmobil Webinar here on You Tube
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or to view this EMS Safety Foundation LIVE@Rettmobil 2012 Webinar on your mobile device
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Take a look at this Youtube outline below!!

A simulcast from USA, Australia and Norway, to give you a glimpse of 2012 Rettmobil
It runs for 15 minutes
Follow the delegations activity on Twitter #EMSSFRett and #Rettmobil2012

Here is a handout for the EMS Safety Foundation Delegation to Rettmobil 2012 You Tube video.

*Synopsis of the Transportation Research Board (TRB)*
*EMS Safety, Systems, Strategies and Solutions Summit*

The March 2012 EMS Safety Foundation Webinar provides a comprehensive overview of the information packed National Academies 2012 TRB EMS Safety Summmit.

For the full EMS Safety Foundation Webinar synopsis of the 2012 TRB EMS Safety Summit, the one day TRB event is condensed into a 50 minute Webinar for public access.
Just click the image below.

Click here for the synopsis Webinar slides and handout

Above is a YouTube recording of this March 2012 EMS Foundation Webinar
overview of the TRB 2012 Summit (runs for 50 mins - Slides and audio, no web cam)

Click here to view the Webinar as an mp4
(will take a moment to load in quicktime)

also optimized for your mobile device, smartphone or iPad
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Click here

for direct access to the EMS Safety Summit agenda .pdf with direct access links to all audio tracks and slides from the 2012 TRB Summit

and with audio links accessable via QR codes on your smartphone or iPad 2 and new.

Click here for more info on the TRB 2012 Summit, Recording and handouts
which are public access.



**2012 TRB EMS Safety Systems Strategies and Solutions Summit**

The National Academies TRB EMS Summmit was an information packed event, beamed live with an Opening address from AJ Heightman via satellite site from EMS Today- February 29th, 2012

Click on this link for
the Agenda and direct access all the handouts and audio recordings from the Summit
Click on each presenters name to access the handouts, which are public access.
no registration required

There was much interest in the Summit at EMS Today, with heaps of traffic thru the booth in the lobby at EMS Today. If you missed the EMS Safety, System, Strategies and Solutions Summit Feb 29th, do check out the handouts and recordings

TRB 2012 EMS Safety Subcommittee Meeting, was held Monday January 23, 2012
CLICK here for Recording of Subcommittee meeting, Agenda and Links to download presentations


2012 Award Recipient Announcements
***Objective Safety and EMS Safety Foundation 2011 Recognition and Achievement Awards***

Objective Safety 2011 Innovation and Practice Award
- Kurt Krumperman, Albuquerque Ambulance Service, New Mexico

The 2011 W. H. "Bill" Leonard Commitment to EMS Safety Award
- presented in honor of W. H. 'Bill' Leonard, who passed away unexpectedly in November 2010. Bill had made a huge and lifelong commitment to EMS Safety, and the field of EMS more broadly over his life time. He is sadly missed by many.
The recipient of this special award is: Ronald Rolfsen, Oslo University Hospital Ambulance Service, Oslo, Norway

EMS Safety Foundation 2011 Leadership Award
- the NAEMT Safety Course

EMS Safety Foundation 2011 Technical Expert Award
- Martha Florey, Transport safety data management and policy, Wisconsin

EMS Safety Foundation 2011 Industry Partner Award
- Simon Ralphs & Adrian Dore, Telematicus, London, UK


EMS Response to Oslo Bombing and Utoya Shootings Special Webinar


Ronald Rolfsen, an Advisory Board Member of the EMS Safety Foundation, and Advisor to the Oslo University Hospital Ambulance Service gave a remarkable, powerful and moving and very informative half hour presentation to the EMS Safety Foundation via Webinar from Norway December 12, 2011. A full recording of this presentation, handout and video is accessible publically at the link below or click the picture above. Am sure you will find it fascinating and of great relevance to the USA setting.
Here is the link to: Ronald Rolfsen's December 12, 2011 Webinar on the EMS Response to Oslo Bombing and Utoya Shootings
And a link to Ronald's Handout
And the EMS video clip


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*From our EMS Friends and Colleagues in Norway*


Please click on the above image to read an inspiring letter regarding the Oslo shootings sent to the EMS Safety Foundation July 26th, 2011, by Ronald Rolfsen, our special Innovation Consortium Member from Oslo University Hospital, Norway.



Safety Innovation Update

New Opportunity for ambulance safety innovators:

Hands on Innovation Ambulance Workshop and Design Clinic
The EMS Safety Foundation held its first and hands on landmark Workshop event in Dallas on October 2nd, 2010, immediately following EMS Expo, hosted by Careflite . This Workshop brought technical experts in automotive safety and ergonomics together with innovators in EMS operations and ambulance manufacture. Attendance was packed, and a very dynamic and valuable experience for all.


Those non-members of the EMS Safety Foundation who participated in the"Hands-on Vehicle Innovation Workshop" and "Vehicle Design Clinic" -
and joined in Post EMS Expo 2010 Workshop with the EMS Safety Foundation Innovation Consortium and their Technical Experts - found the activities of the Foundation eye opening, valuable and of great interest.
Innovation Consortium Technical Expert EMS Safety Foundation members have full access to Webinar recordings, handouts, Photos and Video of this informative event.


Here is the GRATIS 2011 Rettmobil Delegation Webinar recording

Click here for the GRATIS
- *Public Access Recording of the "Live from Rettmobil 2011" Webinar*
Thursday May 12th, 2011 from the EMS Safety Foundation 2011 RETTmobil Delegation, from the EMS Safety Foundation Booth at Rettmobil 2011 in Fulda Germany.


Click here for the 2010 GRATIS
- *Public Access Recording of the "Live from Rettmobil 2010" Webinar*
Thursday May 6th, 2010 from the EMS Safety Foundation 2010 RETTmobil Delegation, from the Dlouhy Booth at Rettmobil 2010 in Fulda Germany.


This recorded Webinar is gratis and for public access and runs for 50 mins,
and includes ** a live state of the art European ambulance walk thru**
Participants in the EMS Safety Foundation Rettmobil 2010 Delegation

The EMS Safety Foundation 2010 Rettmobil Delegation has been an exciting and eyeopening event - attracting global attention! With more than 20 delegates from the EMS Safety Foundation's Innovation Consortium, Technical Expert Panel, Advisory Board and Corporate Partners, it is again the largest non-European delegation participating in Rettmobil. The Delegates had a very busy schedule in addition to all the Rettmobil activities and events, there were a series of 4 special EMS Safety Foundation Workshop/Webinars, including a live broadcast walk thru of a state of the art European ambulance.
Links for the recordings of all the EMS Safety Foundation Retmobil 2010 events are avilable at this site for those who are participants in the EMS Safety Foundation's Innovation Consortium, Technical Expert Panel, Advisory Board and Corporate Partners.

*2009 TRB Ambulance Transport Safety Summit*

was held in Washington DC, October 29th

Click here for Final Program, Synopsis Webinar Recording and Downloadable Presentation Handouts.


**A Synopsis Recording and Presentations from the Summit are now available for gratis download on line.**

For last years 2008 TRB Ambulance Transport Safety Summit, click here for the recording and documents.


Objective Safety

Objective Safety is dedicated to EMS safety awareness and enhancing injury prevention and control.

Nadine Levick MD, MPH,
Chief Exec. Officer, Objective Safety

Professional Services

We are flexible, whether you are a small local urban service or in a rural setting, or a major EMS system - We provide tailored and specialized seminars, strategic safety and hazard awareness advice and evaluation. We can save you lives, time and money.
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